Tuesday, December 25, 2018

TAPESTRY - The All-Centuries Singers

Tapestry - The All Centuries Singers was founded by Ronald and Margaret Bornick in 1985 in Clinton, NY. Their goal was to provide an opportunity for themselves and their friends to perform works of the classical a cappella repertoire and to share this music with discriminating audiences. Originally twelve in number, the consort has grown and is currently limited to sixteen singers. The membership is divided equally among the mixed voice parts, (SATB) enabling them to use double or multiple choir material.  Their common special interest is in Renaissance madrigals performed in period costume, with each selection being prefaced by a poetic introduction. These introductions are composed by Tapestry’s resident bard, Richard Frost.
Occasionally straying from the a cappella repertoire, they may include in their program sacred works accompanied by organ and/or chamber orchestra. In the madrigal portion of the program, this departure from a cappella literature is frequently continued, using a recorder quartet with the instrumentalists being drawn from among the singers. Tapestry brings together singers of varying occupations, musical training and choral experience from several communities in Central New York. Their diverse backgrounds and talents have made it possible for them to earn an impressive reputation for their command of choral chamber music.

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